Fresh Heat Proof

thermal heat insulation Light Weight Bag Hard Top and sides internal shelf internal aluminum frame shoulder straps water proof zipper closing system internal heating element

  • Water Proof, with a zipper rain cover and treated stitches.
  • 900D Textile makes this bag highly durable.
  • Heat insulated.
  • Velcro handle.
  • YKK zippers and accessories.
  • Transparent Window with frame for name, order or destination.
  • Shelf separation holds separate orders without crushing bottom boxes.
  • Hard side with aluminium frame holds the bag in a constant form even in full capacity, also helps in making full use of the shelf.
  • Lower back support.
  • Reflective on the shoulder strap for safer operation during the night.
  • Heater element could be heated in 5min time to last 40min.
  • Choice between 220V or 12V* for continuous in car heating.

* 12v element comes with a lighter plug included for car continuous heating; requires an adapter for in house heating sold separately

Fresh Heat Proof
Front View Back View Reinforced Attachment Shoulder Strap Reflector YKK Accessories Internal name and pocket for condiments Lower Back Support YKK Accessories

Available sizes

Prd Fresh-Heat-Proof-348     175$

  • Size 34cm x 35cm x 45cm
    13.4' x 13 3/4' x 17 3/4'
  • Fits 8 pizza boxes size 33cm 13'
buy a pack of one for 175.00$
Buy a pack of 2 for 350.00$

Prd Fresh-Heat-Proof-438     195$

  • Size 42cm x 43cm x 45cm
    16 1/2' x 17' x 17 3/4'
  • Fits 8 pizza boxes size 42cm 16'
buy a pack of one for 195.00$
Buy a pack of 2 for 390.00$
Internal Heating Element
Zipper Closing System
Water Proof Insulation
Shoulder Straps
Internal Aluminum Frame
Internal separator shelf
Hard Top and Sides
Light Weight Bag
Thermal Heat Insulation