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Anti Bacterial Pizza bag

New Product Weekly-Anti Bacterial Pizza Bags

Anti Bacterial Pizza Bags

Today we will start a series of posts that will be called the New Product Weekly, where we introduce to you, one or more new products that have been launched during this week, or products that we want to introduce in the future, or products that are not available on the website and we want to highlight.

I have chosen this topic for our weekly update because i have noticed that many of our clients do not know all the solutions available that we have made in general or for specific clients. This will enrich all the followers of this blog and our clients, so that when they a need a solution they can come here and look  for what has been done before, and to either build on it or to use it same as, and if their is a new challenge we will sure help you overcome it.

The first product we will talk about is the Anti Bacterial Pizza Delivery Bags. As a definition, an Anti Bacterial Bag, is a bag where the internal fabrics of the bags that are in direct contact with the foods and food packaging are made from Anti Bacterial Fabrics.

Staphylococcus Aureus
Staphylococcus Aureus

Anti Bacterial Fabrics  are made early on in the manufacturing of the fabric, it is not something that we add on the fabric after it has been weaved, it is added to the fibers , so that when the fabric gets in contact with any source of contamination, the bacteria and mould will not have a good habitat and conditions to grow .


Below are sample tests result for the Anti Bacterial and Mold Resistance tests

Anti Bacterial TEST

Anti Mold Test

PRD 72AB-STAR  Pizza Bags

The bag that we will introduce today is the Anti Bacterial Pizza Delivery Bag  or the PRD 72AB-STAR .

Anti Bacterial Pizza bag

This bag has all the components for a reliable sustainable long term usage. This pizza bag has three layers of insulation making it one of the most heavily insulated pizza bags , the internal fabrics of the bags are Anti Bacterial , the external fabrics are 900D PE coated that are manufactured specifically for heavy repeated usage. the bag also has two handles and a wide heavy duty PVC window to put the order inside, please note the frame around the window, this frame will protect the PVC from tearing.The PVC material used is thick, but not weaved, so we came up with this innovation to make very heavy duty.

front window on pizza bag
front window on pizza bag


The 72AB-STAR also can be modified. Yes you can add on this bag another top pouch for beverages, the top pouch is integrated using already stitched webbing on the pizza  bag, they are stitched in a way that they could be used, but they are not evident at the first sight.

Pizza Bags with top pouch for canned beverages
Pizza Bags with top pouch for canned beverages

Also this bag can be made into a heated pizza bag, by using a heating pad inside which could be 12V or 220V, so basically every bag can have a multitude of applications depending on your current and future needs.

These pizza bags are modular and will adapt to your operations no matter how much demanding they are

The bag is currently not on sale on the website, but you can contact me directly to get a price quotation by filling the below form

You can visit our shhopping site to get other choices for prodel pizza bags and heated pizza bags

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